Sarah Dougher is an educator, writer and musician from Portland, Oregon

Born in Eugene, she studied classics, comparative literature, and the history of education at Reed College and the University of Texas, Austin. She is on the faculty at Portland State University, where she teaches interdisciplinary humanities, currently in a dual-credit program at Jefferson High School-Middle College for Advanced Studies.

Dougher has been granted numerous awards for research, innovation and curriculum development from Portland State University, and was recognized with a Fulbright Foundation Grant for teaching and study in Norway (2014-15). Her creative work has garnered awards from the Oregon Arts Commission, the Lambda Lambda Literary Foundation, and the Regional Arts and Culture Council. She has been honored for her work with first generation college students, and directed and taught a youth Clemente Course in East Portland.

She has published a wide range of writing in a variety of venues including the Women’s Review of Books, the Los Angeles Review of Books, the Journal of Popular Music Studies, the Journal of General Education as well as in local and regional weeklies.

She has created five solo records, and been a part of numerous musical collaborations including with the Crabs and Cadallaca. She has enjoyed commissions from the Reed College Cooley Gallery, the Reed Centennial Celebration, the estate of Leslie Scalapino, and performed many times at the Portland Institute of Art’s Time-Based Art festival.